Here is what I need to do to get it going, create a finished product and chose a publishing path

I completed my manuscript based on my grandmother’s story arc and it is now being considered by an agent. If I’m lucky and she accepts it, I’m good to go…

Be sure you have a consistent and realistic character for your story. Follow my tips

If you write fiction, you are no stranger to creating characters for your stories. You see your characters in your head. You chose names and personalities for them.

However, does your reader see them as…

Eight 8 Tips for Improving Your Writing Style

As a writer, you are a lifelong learner. The craft of writing is ongoing learning and improving the experience. This is only if you take your writing seriously.

No matter what your style getting the best turn of phrase is something all…

Improving Your Observation Tools Greatly Enhances Your Creative Abilities

Why do better skills at being observant make a difference? We have survived this long due to our ability to be observant of the world around us.

Think about a time when daily life was at risk of being hunted by…

Take a moment to examine why you write and what it means to you. It may surprise you in the best ways

Wow. That is a big question. There are as many answers as stars in the sky. So why ask the question? Well, I’ll research the question and offer…

Geri Spieler

Master researcher, journalist, former Gartner analyst, and non-fiction author. Avid student of odd facts, chicken wrangler and Silicon Valley denizen,

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