Hi Jon: So like this piece. As another full time freelancer, I’ve faced similar situations. Another one that you are familiar with is what we charge. I had a query from a potential client who wanted to meet with me, in person, to talk about writing blogs for his company. Before spending time with him, I asked about his budget. Good thing, as what he was willing to pay was the classic “race to the bottom” rate. The problem is that we are competing with writers all over the world. Still, I charge what I know I’m worth. I have my bottom like basic rate for a 500 word blog post that does not require primary research. As many of my other professional freelancers say, “Don’t compromise. You only devalue yourself and your work. People who respect your professional experience know you are giving them the best services.” So, thank you, Jon. You said it so well.

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Master researcher, journalist and non-fiction author. My new book, San Francisco Values will be out in June 2020. Connect with me at gerispieler.com

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