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Keeping Up With The Latest Internet Research Details

My Internet research presentation was born in 2009 shortly after my book came out. It was related as Taking Aim was created out of intensive research for people and events 30 years earlier. It is not historical fiction as there is nothing fictional about it. It could be called true crime, but the libraries categorize it as modern political history.

Friends asked how I conducted my research? I don’t know, I just did it. “But how?” they asked. Like a lot of things each of us does is we don’t normally sit and create a roadmap of what we are doing?

However, I got so many requests I did sit down and try to identify each step I took in finding out who was involved in this woman’s assassination attempt on Pres. Ford? Not just politics and government agencies, but about her life as a young woman growing up in Charleston WV.

Once I got a handle on how I did things, I put together a PowerPoint slide show beginning with the basics of creating virtual files online, how to define your search, how to identify a legitimate website and how to create a clear and accurate search.

But what has really changed over time is the number of Deep Web and Dark Web search engines available to anyone. The growth of private, untraceable search options such as DuckDuckGo, Incognito, and Tor is fascinating. For someone like me who is looking for some unsavory folks involved in the underground activity in San Francisco in the 70’s, it is comforting. I may not want the world to know who and what I’m looking for, and now there are user-friendly browsers that offer me the ability to keep my searches to myself. Pretty much. I never assume anything is 100 percent, but people much more tech-savvy than I seem to like these options.

I enjoy giving this presentation for several reasons: One, it requires me to constantly change and update so it is still relevant to the audience. Two, I learn a lot when researching what is new out there and three, because I get great questions at the end, another learning experience for me.

Need to do some exploring again for the next time.

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Master researcher, journalist and non-fiction author. My new book, San Francisco Values will be out in June 2020. Connect with me at

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